What makes a Shopping Site Best?

The activity of shopping allows you, as a customer, to browse the offered goods or items with the intention of purchasing the best of them. Normally, it is considered as an economic activity, but for some people it is a source of enjoyment and entertainment.

The shopping experience of customers usually varies from amusing to dreadful. It actually depends on the treatment a customer gets from the shop vendor as well as other people around. Good and friendly customer service encourages people to visit more often.

Shopping centers offering variety of items under one roof are likely to have more visitors. You would never want to visit a different place for each item on your list. Finding the required items at one place prevents you from making unnecessary efforts of going through multiple stores or malls.

A shopping site providing its customers with the opportunity of window shopping tends to have more visitors. A large number of people like to visit shopping sites without any intention of purchasing. They often do it as a recreational activity or to plan for later purchase.

In today’s busy world, no one wants to waste a single moment in some undesired task. Finding an empty parking space can not only waste your time, but also prove to be stressful. Therefore, a shopping venue with free and spacious parking area attracts many people.

A shopping center offering different purchasing schemes during particular holiday seasons are loved by many customers. It is the time of the season when vendors count on your purchasing impulses in order to drive you to buy everything your heart wishes for. You, as a buyer, are also interested in different shopping deals available that not only value your money, but also offer you something free of charge.

A location having a secure play area for kids is generally preferred by customers. Parents, in general, want their kids to enjoy various rides while they are indulged in the act of shopping.

A large number of people prefer shopping centers with good restaurants. While shopping, they desire fast food spots where their craving can be satisfied by scrumptious food at reasonable prices.

In general, the best shopping site is the one that has a large space to roam around. You would definitely not like to be accidentally touched or knocked down by others. Furthermore, there should be enough room to comfortably move your trolley around.

Amazing Shopping Places in St Petersburg

St Petersburg is an ideal vacation destination for shopaholics. The city is not only full of national chains for basic shopping, it is also popular for independent boutiques and shops for some unique purchases. You can shop from different shopping centers and malls. However, you should also explore some historic districts and downtown to shop for unusual yet unique gifts, clothing, antiques, and art.

Have a look at the following shopping places that will provide you a shopping experience beyond your imagination:

Florida Craftsmen Gallery
Located at the Central Avenue, Florida Craftsmen Gallery is full of some unique pieces of crafts. The members of this gallery make these crafts. They are also professional artists who have gathered from the entire state. They like working for the Florida Craftsmen Gallery. It is surprising to know that pricing for such crafts is highly reasonable. So, shop as much as you can to add charm to your holiday!

If you want to visit amazing boutiques and shops for buying crafts in your personal tours, then the famous Pier is the right shopping place for you. Along with numerous shops, it includes a five-storey building. This building consists of a lot of restaurants. In order to enjoy the most, it is better not to miss the observation deck on the top floor of this building.

BayWalk is a new commercial hotspot in Saint Petersburg for personal tours. It is a unique shopping place as it is structured in a way that you can enjoy walking in the open-air atmosphere. Besides this, it is also a famous attraction of the city because of its dining complex. It has small boutiques and upscale stores.

Antique Shops
Tourists come here to shop for the antique items as well. If you are one of them, then you will find a lot of antique shops in St Petersburg. A large antique mall has been built in the city that is full of antique shops. These shops have every kind of antique shopping item for you. Some examples are jewelry, artwork, ceramics, and furniture. All this is available on Central Avenue.

Wagon Wheel Flea Market
Dropping by a shopping mall in Saint Petersburg is common among tourists. However, if you want something really interesting and affordable, then do not miss the chance to visit Wagon Wheel Flea Market. It is considered one of the larger markets in the Southeast. It consists of more than a thousand vendors. To park your car, you will only need to pay a little money.

Overcome Shopping Addiction With Hypnosis

Do you shop even when you don’t need anything? Do you hide your purchases from your spouse? Do you continue to buy things even when your bank account is empty or even overdrawn? If your desire to shop is out of control but you feel helpless to the desire, hypnosis can stop your addiction to shopping.

Having a shopping addiction is much like having gambling, alcohol, or drug addiction; shopping makes you feel better, gives you an intense rush, and you are basically helpless to the compulsion.

Hypnosis for Shopping Addiction
You probably know that willpower has little or no impact on your shopping compulsion. After all, you keep fighting your urge to spend but then something happens and there you are again, spending more money than you should. You just can’t figure out how to stop yourself.

Hypnosis can free you from the guilt you feel when you spend more than you should, and help you repair the relationships your addiction has damaged. It will also help you stop getting further in debt and break the cycle of your compulsion.

Shopping Addiction Treatment
The driving force for your compulsion lies deep in your subconscious and you have to be able reach it to change the compulsion. The problem is you probably don’t even know what situation or event from your past has rooted in your subconscious to cause your behavior. Many times, your subconscious will even distort and amplify the memory, making it all the more powerful.

Hypnosis allows your certified hypnotist to identify the memory or events buried deep in the subconscious and change the thoughts and feelings connected to it so that it doesn’t hold so much power over you. Your hypnotist can retrain your subconscious so that when you are sad, stressed, or angry; you won’t feel the need to shop. They will teach your subconscious that the negative thoughts and feelings associated with the past event have no place in your life today, freeing your mind to overcome your addiction.

Stop Compulsive Shopping
Once the memory or event is identified, usually through regression techniques, your hypnotist can plant positive suggestions in your subconscious, so that instead of feeling a need to shop and spend, you will instead feel like doing something positive, like exercise, or reading, or flexing your creative muscles with art and writing. Whatever hobbies or activities you enjoy can be suggested to your subconscious so that you feel an urge to do those things, instead of shopping.

In just a short amount of time, your shopping addiction can be eliminated while you are engaging in positive healthy activities. Once you are free from your compulsion, you can begin to work on restoring your credit and building back up your nest egg, as well as repairing your bruised self-esteem and important relationships.

One of the best things about using hypnosis to treat a shopping addiction is that once the subconscious is reprogrammed, the compulsion is eliminated and you will never have to deal with that kind of addiction again.

Top 5 Best practices for Online Shopping Websites

Before we start digging in the best practices, here are some facts that you ought to know:

• Online shoppers using high speed internet connection waits to only up to 4 seconds in order for a page to load. Online shoppers using lower connections wait up to 6 seconds.

• Online shoppers who decide to continue shopping in a website they have known and have shopped before, according to Jupiter Research, appreciate easy and user-friendly site interface and navigation.

• Online shoppers need to know if your website is secured to do a transaction most especially that payments are made in your website.

Top 5 Best practices for Ecommerce Websites

1. Put your best Effort in Rendering your website Pages Quicker Than 4 Seconds

Online shoppers today are always concerned about getting things in an instant. In online shopping websites, shoppers are looking for quick transactions and that begins with page loads. According to research, online shoppers today wait only up to 4 seconds for a page to load. When you don’t pay attention as to how your website loads, you might be missing potential customers and that is the last thing that you need.

2. Easy Checkout Process

The online shopping checkout process is the same as following a queue in a grocery store. We don’t want to follow a long queue, and most of all, we don’t want to be tempted with the products displayed in the queue section because we might be spending on something we don’t really need. Some online shopping websites have a confusing checkout processes. Checkout buttons or links are not placed in the most visible part of the checkout process or customers are being lead to buy other things before arriving to the main item to be checked out. Pay attention to the quality of your checkout process if it’s too long or distracting.

Also, some online shopping websites require account registration to be able to finally purchase an item. Although this is a good way for website owners to get registered members, this is considered to be a major turn off to those who actually want to buy a product right away but as a guest user.

3. Flexible Payment Methods

One thing that hinders shoppers into finally purchasing goods is the way they can pay for those goods. If you only accept cash on delivery for payments, then, those using credit cards and PayPal credits will find other suppliers to get the products from because even if they have the capacity to pay, but still unable to do it because of limitations. Lift the possible limitations and get a merchant account from PayPal because most of payment terms are fine with PayPal-whether debit, credit, cash, and PayPal credits. Lastly, PayPal provides a good amount of security to transactions as well and payment disputes can be made in case of transaction failures.

4. Online Shopping cart

Selecting the best kind of online shopping cart that fits your ecommerce website is very important as it will aid online shoppers in heading for the checkout easily. This means that when you successfully lead customers into the checkout process, chances are good in capturing a sale. What makes an online shopping cart “the best”? There are only a few things that you would like to see in a shopping cart:

• Landing page/Products’ Shelf should have pictures of the product with its corresponding Product Name, Product Code, and Price.

• When a product is selected by shoppers, more information of the product should be read by customers such as colors available, texture, weight, dimensions, and product care. The price to be displayed should already contain values for additional shipping fee, taxes (if applicable), and other fees.

• A good shopping cart lets you add an item to the cart and still enable you to shop for other items before finally checking out.

• It lets you see choose how many of the products selected you would want to buy and how many items are already in the cart and as well as total amount all the items with the necessary fees being presented accurately.

• It lets you check out using different payment options.

• Online shoppers would like to make transactions without having to log-in or register but to purchase easily as a guest. Hassle free check out leads to successful sale.

5. Search Bar

One of the online shopping facts is more than half of the online shoppers prefer searching for items using the search bar of an ecommerce website rather than use the navigation button in looking for the exact item they’re trying to purchase. This only means that adding a search bar in one of the most prominent part of the website is essential for an ecommerce shopping cart. However, this leads to a web designer creating an effective 404 page to still capture the lead and not shoo it away just because he gets lost in the site because the search bar cannot find what he’s looking for.

These are only a few of the essentials and best practices of creating an online shopping website, but one ecommerce website can already use these methods as a jump start to success.

Do you need to Improve the Productivity and Profitability of your Auto Shop?

In today’s tough economy, are you trying to figure out how to boost your shop’s productivity and profitability? Is your auto shop software running slowly or maybe out of date, or are you still using a manual management process? Then your existing shop management process may be costing you money due to a decrease in your productivity and profitability. One sure fire way to achieve a boost in productivity and profitability is to implement a well-designed Auto Repair shop Management software program that fully compliments how you manage your shop. When shopping for new automotive software, it is important to find a software provider that clearly understands how an auto shop works, is willing to work closely with you, allows you to test the software before you buy it, and offers high quality service for a low price. Of course, you may need help throughout the years with your new software, so it is also important to hire an auto shop software company that will offer technical support for little, to no extra amount of money.

When researching automotive software for your auto shop, make sure you choose a product where the manufacture works to create what you want to run YOUR auto shop. It’s difficult to work with a company that harasses you to buy their product, but does not provide a compelling story why their product is the best match for your auto shop. A great software company works closely with you to continuously improve your management system based on the best practices of auto shops across the industry. The best auto shop software companies encourage you to view comments from their previous customers’. If they have a long list of customers, they should have plenty of customers who are willing to share their experiences.

Work orders can be messy, and a neat, organized software system makes for a pleased customer and an easier work place for you. Every work order is different and can range from a simple oil change to a complex set of multiple repairs or services that requires many technician and management tasks to complete. This makes it challenging to independently track and manage the profitability in your company. You also want to provide superior customer service which means you should personalize every order according to your customers’ needs. Therefore your system should allow for an appropriate amount of space for comments, instructions, and detailed descriptions. When it comes time to print the orders, there needs to be different layout options for the different jobs (estimate and technician type print-outs). And of course, your auto shop software should come with a calculator to do quick quotes for a customer and support providing a written estimate for any of your customer’s needs.

To improve productivity, you need to be able to quickly identify a customer in your system or add them if they do not already exist. And if you don’t have a customer’s name then you should conveniently be able to create a work order with only a license plate or phone number. All details regarding their vehicle and order should be organized and easy to read. Since your customers’ lives are always changing, it needs to be easy to edit all aspects of a customer’s information. From each client’s profile, great software will allow you to create standard tasks, and multiple ways to locate a work order quickly so that you are not testing your customers’ patience.

Another aspect that makes a software company reliable is if they are willing to allow potential customers to try the software before buying it. Companies don’t make a bad product just for people to try it and never see them again; they make a trusting product and let people try it because they truly believe that their product is great!

Software can be very expensive, so make sure to get exactly what you pay for and what you need for your auto repair shop. There are many auto shop software programs that are high quality and offered at a low price. It is ideal to find a company that won’t charge you a monthly fee on top of technical support. If they made the software, why should you have to pay more for a defect on their end?

Finding software for your auto shop can seem like a long journey simply because you are not a specialist in this area. It takes a lot of trust in another company, and common sense in shopping to find the perfect auto shop software company for your business. I know Winworks Auto Shop is an excellent auto shop software company and that they offer many aspects that you might be looking for in your search.

Starting An Online shop for Online business

An online shop is popping up everywhere now and this should not come as a surprise since the Internet is now an indispensable part of our lives. However, setting up an online shop can seem like an overwhelming task, especially for those of us who can’t even use Facebook properly. Nonetheless, you don’t have to be a tech-genius to start an online shop and here are a few simple ways to do so.

The first thing you should consider is whether you want to create an online shop on ebay. All you need to do is to sign up for an eBay account and start selling. Everything is taken care of and you have access to a large market. However, you will also face stiff competition because there are probably at least hundreds of other sellers selling the same kind of product. Therefore, your product has to be extremely unique or else it will only be lost amongst the crowds.

If you want to stand out and appear professional, having your own website is a good way to go. If you also want to avoid dealing with any technical matters whatsoever, then consider paying someone else to set up your website for you. There are many companies online that can set up a professional-looking, fully functional online shop for you within a few days. Of course, be sure to shop around for the best company that will fulfill all your eCommerce needs.

However, if you have made your peace with technology and can handle the more technical aspects of the Internet, then you might want to consider setting up everything by yourself. The first thing to do is to register for a catchy and memorable domain name. This will be the address of your online shop so be careful when choosing it. You will then need to rent out server space with a web hosting company. Just think of this as renting out a shop lot for your online business. Make sure you look around for the best rates and check that the company does not have a bad reputation of frequent downtimes (i. e. times when your shop cannot be accessed).

Next, you will need to install a software on your online shop which will display your products and manage all transactions. The easiest way is to install WordPress which is a content management system. It will give you access to a wide variety of eCommerce-related themes and plugins which you can use to set up your online shop. Themes define the general layout and appearance of your shop, while plugins add features to increase functionality, such as a shopping cart system, and inquiry forms. You can opt to include Google Checkout or PayPal which will ensure that all online transactions are secure.

Now, with your online shop up and running, all you need to think about is how to draw in customers. Remember that marketing is key to any business so get your shop front ready as quickly as possible, and then concentrate on the more important aspects of business.

Give Your Shopping Hobby a Makeover

As more people are making efforts to shop for ethically made products, those who enjoy shopping as a past time may feel a bit conflicted. Yes, it is often looked upon as frivolous, but there is an innate pleasure in acquiring something new, so it makes sense that shopping could actually be a legitimate hobby. But this begs the question, how can leisure shopping be reconciled with shopping purposefully and ethically?

Part of the lure of shopping for fun is that it’s easy. It doesn’t take much thought or preparation, and after working all week, sometimes that’s exactly the kind of thing one needs. Fortunately, there are ways to get these personal convictions to play nicely with a girls’ day out.

Hobbies are typically things that are intellectually stimulating and give a sense of accomplishment, and shopping actually can have a place in that. Instead of just going to a mall, shopping can be made part of a greater overall experience. What’s that now? Well, for example, most towns have First Friday events, where on the first Friday of the month, the downtown shops, galleries, and restaurants are open, there are special events going on, and live music. The downtown boutiques are likely to carry independent designers and handcrafted items that often are made locally. These events offer cultural stimulation, entertainment, and the opportunity to support small businesses. Other examples of a broader view of shopping are flea markets, art galleries, antique markets, museum shops, and art markets. Exploring surrounding areas can extend these opportunities even further, and offer a chance to take a mini road trip to the next town’s boutiques, galleries, and events. Larger cities will have many of these types of shopportunities, but more and more small towns are expanding their arts and shopping venues.

Items purchased as part of a greater experience hold more meaning – they are no longer just an item, but part of a memory. As lifestyles become more formulated around conscientious living, the desire for meaningful objects is overtaking the desire for mere “stuff”. Even in the realm of fashion, deals and steals are losing their luster behind quality, well-fitting clothing. When combined with deeper ethics, the hobby of shopping transforms from “going shopping” to “going to art events” or “antiquing”. Instant sophistication upgrade! The resulting haul will be much more interesting and valued than anything purchased at a mega shopping complex.

A critical Shop To Earn Review From Someone Who Didn’t Join

So you’re thinking about joining Shop To Earn, and you’re doing a little last minute research before jumping in. Going over this entire review will help you make an educated decision because not only will I cover the essential details you need to know, but I’ll also go into what you’ll need to do to truly succeed in a company like Shop To Earn.

Who is Shop To Earn?

Shop To Earn is a network marketing company that has a business model that revolves around online shopping. As a distributor and as a website owner, you’ll have access to your very own online shopping portal. Your shopping portal will have links to over 800 of the biggest names in retail including Staples, Wal-Mart, Sports Authority, Home Depot, Best Buy and Barnes & Nobles. When you shop on your site, you can earn anywhere from 1% to 30% cash back. From a business perspective, online shopping is a growing trend and is closing in on $300 billion a year in revenue (not counting travel). It certainly makes sense to get involved because of the sheer size of the industry. Also, Shop To Earn has been around for a few years so you don’t really need to be concerned about all the negative things that usually happen to the typical start-up company.

How Do you Make Money in Shop To Earn?

As far as the actual business opportunity, you can make money several ways as a distributor. There’s upfront income you can earn from referring other people and sponsoring new distributors into your team. There’s also long-term income potential from building a team of active and productive distributors. And because a binary compensation model is in place, you can potentially override distributors that were sponsored by other people in your upline leadership team. Of course, you should never depend on “spillover” from your upline, but it’s good to know that the potential is there. One thing you also need to know is there is a start-up cost involved to get started that ranges from $99 to be a Business Builder, to $448 to be a Broker. Then there will be a monthly requirement to buy or sell $100 worth of products from your website. Those costs are pretty typical across the industry so it shouldn’t be a big concern.

Should You Join Shop To Earn?

In a nutshell, Shop To Earn looks like a good business opportunity. They’ve been around for awhile, so you don’t have to really be worried about them going out of business. You can save money doing something you already do, and will continue to do, which is shop online. And you can earn money for doing so. All of which make for a solid opportunity. With that said, you’re going to need more than all that to succeed. Ultimately, your success will depend on your ability to sponsor new distributors into your team. My suggestion is to incorporate Attraction Marketing into your business so you can learn how to leverage online strategies to generate your leads. If you do that, there’s no telling how prosperous you can be with your home based business.

Internet marketing Techniques, Products And Payments: Online Shops

There are hundreds if not thousands of Internet shops and online markets, which cater to the hungry shopper, make his desires the carpet for their doorway to success. These are not fanciful markets with dream products but ones with real products which need real payments, and marketing techniques with a difference. There are probably more Internet shops than one could imagine. Each of the shops operates, sell products, realize payments and use modernized marketing techniques to increase their customer base.

Uniformity of the selling space

Big Internet shops or online markets are alike in one respect. They use products from different producers and stock identical items. The pricing is the same and the delivery takes place on time. The marketing techniques for online shopping of the internet shops are defined as the one, which is nearest and dearest. Even if the shop across the town gives you products, which are cheaper and will door deliver the items, the customer will choose only those shops, which he is familiar with, namely those, which are down his street. The best online brands therefore are those, which are available throughout the selling space. Selling space thus becomes the occupancy rate of the products, which are in uniform demand for online shopping.

Try out new stores

There are lucrative online shopping offers given by the merchants on goods, where you buy two online brands together; the other item being offered may not be exactly top of the barrel stuff, but if you look hard enough, you will see that there are many offers, which may be what you are looking for. The competition on online markets in some items are so fierce that a couple of companies form an alliance, ship their products together, retail their items together and as part of their marketing techniques offer a portion of the savings to the customer.

The excitement of new Internet shops is in the goods and services, which are on offer. People always check for discounts and offers and inevitably, there will be something to appease the customer.

Most super markets and online markets offer discounts, but beware of one thing. These discounted online brands may be old or ‘recycled’ material, meaning, the expiry date has already expired and the merchant for the commission that he is receiving promotes the item. The marketing techniques of this kind need not be always true, but holds good for most items sold at a discount.

It really does not matter because the offers are mostly on non-perishable items and the customers are aware of the fact that they offer a discount because the item is old. In order to get your money is worth; it is always good to compare products and prices. This is not possible if you are in a mall. On the internet, you can check with other sites to see whether you can get goods of the same quality at a cheaper price or whether the other manufacturer is offering any discounts.

Utilize coupons

Every day, you will get coupons in the newspapers for online shopping on items you need. The magazines have cutout coupons, printable coupons, and downloadable coupons for online brands, which offer you, discount. Some people will only buy those items, which have discount and offer coupons.

People who ignore these marketing techniques and do not care for coupons are not crazy, they are also not dumb or lazy, and they just do not see one important marketing aspect, which everyone else does. The cost of printing those coupons is included in the rebate that the very same coupon offers!

Realize efficiency of door delivery

Internet companies with online brands have different schedules and marketing techniques. Most of them use a standard ‘week for delivery’ approach for stations, which are within the country, and ‘more than a week’ for outstations. You cannot compare the online markets to the pizza deliveryman, who delivers ‘within ½ an hour’.

Even if you choose Internet shops, which are located right next to your doorstep; they will only deliver the goods after the passage of the stipulated seven days. Remember, your grocery man will send the grocery home in time and the butchers will be up to standard. However, when you are ordering a person who is a complete stranger, one who does not even know that you exist, you are singing a different tune. The online shopping companies are living to a different standard and a lifestyle, which is dictated more by online payments than by customer recognition.

Door deliveries of online brands take the strain off the walking and talking but the waiting sometimes will be too much to stand.

Choosing products

Only two or three things guarantee safety of your payments. Watch for the safety symbol displayed on the site. Make sure you choose a recognized company. Be sure that the online shopping companies are using standard protocol for payment. A number of concerns that deal with financial transactions between the customer and the banks offer secure payment methods. There are number of standard gateways, which ensure payment is safe and secure.

Ensure the quality

Get the opinion of the neighbors about online shopping from those who have shopped with the Internet shops and online markets before. If possible, get customer reviews of the online brands from the company website. Check with a few of them and see if the Internet shops are genuine or they are just putting up a front. Find what the company policies are for goods that are spoilt or are damaged in-transit. Preferably, choose those companies and stores, which are advertising regularly and have a good viewership on the local media.

A Buyer’s Guide To Shopping around On the internet

Flick through any lifestyle magazine and you are sure to find articles on designer products versus their high street equivalent. These articles often include consumer reviews, price comparisons and ‘where to buy it’ solutions to help you, the end buyer, find great deals the next time you go shopping.

However, such useful information is almost impossible to find when it comes to tackling the world wide web and if we do find it, how do we know whether or not to trust it? Most of us these days consider ourselves to be Internet savvy (or at the very least we can get by) and we all know that great bargains are to be had – IF WE CAN FIND THEM! That’s where this article can help. Follow the 7 easy steps as a guide to shopping around and you’ll be enjoying those bargains in no time.

1. Find the product of your dreams

Whether it is from a magazine, in your favourite shop or on the internet already; the first thing you need to do is set a benchmark for your product. Whether it is a designer label or a tin beans, the same concept applies.

Take note of:

• The product name
• The product description
• Any codes or references that the product may have
• The size of the product
• The exact colour of the product
• The price!

2. Do your research

This is where you can really make the internet work for you and use it to learn about your product. Online retailers market their products by using keywords, and good sellers will use these terms in their product name and description.

Your next task:

• Identify the ‘keywords’ from the product you have already found. Pay particular

attention to words used as an industry standard, not words that you may use in everyday life. For example; The industry standard for describing a full-length mirror or bedroom dressing mirror is to call it a ‘cheval mirror’ this is certain to be one of the keywords that mirror sellers use to list this type of mirror in their online shop.

• Brainstorm. Take a scrap piece of paper and scribble down any words that you would use to describe your product.

• Once you have your list of words, prioritise them and chose the top five to ten words that you feel best describes and are most relevant to the product.

3. Start your search

Armed with your list of keywords and product reference codes, we recommend that you invest as much time as you can spare into searching the web for your product. Type different combinations of your keywords into search engines and see what results come up. You will quickly identify the keywords that don’t work for you. For example; if you are looking for flying lessons and have identified one of your keywords as flights, it is highly likely that when you search using this keyword in isolation that you will only find lists of holiday companies or airlines trying to sell you commercial flights. You would therefore look to be more descriptive in your search or not to use this term at all.

Likewise, your search results may bring up blogs or articles about the product or similar products. In some cases it is worth reading these as often people are able to assist your search and point you to online stores you might not have otherwise found, or they may often advise and feedback about buying the product. Quite regularly the best advise on the internet comes from other customers.

Don’t forget that search engines often bring up more than one page of results. Once you are confident that the keywords you are using are relevant for finding your product, try looking at pages further down the internet ranking. It is common practice for larger companies to invest a lot of time and money into ensuring they show on page one of search results, which is great if you don’t have a lot of time during your search, but you may find that some of the most competitive prices come from smaller, less well known companies who are simply unable to compete with these retail giants and so appear further down the ranking. This does not mean that they are any less able to service your needs and indeed sell you a great product at a great price.

4. I’ve found my product on multiple websites – now what?

It may be that your search discovers no, or very limited results and it is dependent on your patience as to how long you continue searching. In some instances it may be that your product is not for sale online. You may also find that the price is protected as with branded products, retailers are often forced to charge a set price.

On the flip side, you may have found multiple websites that are selling your product at competitive prices – DO NOT JUST BUY FORM THE WEBSITE THAT APPEARS TO BE THE CHEAPEST! Again you need to invest a little more time into research, ensuring that the website you are looking at is authentic.

This is especially true if you are looking at an item that is similar to the one you originally chose. Just like the product comparisons you see in magazines, it may be that your keywords have brought up search results for items that are similar but not identical to the product you want. It may look the same in the photograph, but make sure that you read all of the descriptions as quite often the cheaper replicates are made from different materials, are slightly different sizes or colours and are not the same quality as the original product. This is fine if you are searching for a designer alternative, but be conscious of it otherwise. It is really important that you know what you are buying.

As online stores have much lower overheads than conventional shops, for some products we can almost expect to find a good price on the internet. Although be cautious, more often that not if a price seems too good to be true, unfortunately it usually is.

Check list of things to look out for:

• Auction sites. Make sure that the product you have found is brand new and is not second hand or has be used before.

• Ensure the product is not listed at a discounted price because it is a slight second or has been returned. End of line or limited stock items are fine.

• Be wary of pop up or temporary shops. Where they may be able to sell you a product at a great price, if anything is wrong or you wish to return the product for any reason, you may have problems if the shop no longer exists. If you are unsure about the longevity of a website, use the contact us details and make a call or send an email asking for verification.

• Delivery costs! Find out what the delivery costs for your item are. Your product may look like a great price initially, but by the time delivery costs have been added it may be that you are actually paying more for your product than if you had brought it else where.

• Delivery times! As online shops are not tangible, it is not unusual for them to sell items that are not currently in stock. Therefore before buying online, if it is not stated in their product description, always contact the seller and ask for an estimated delivery time. It is all very well bagging yourself a bargain, but if you have to wait months for your item, you have to question if the few pounds saved is really worth it.

• That the website uses a verified payment gateway. Ensure that you feel confident in the security of the website before entering any personal or financial details. If anything during the process seems unusual or a bit suspicious then cancel your transaction.

5. If in doubt ask!

If you are unsure about anything during your shopping process do not be afraid to contact the seller and ask questions. Whether it is for answers about the product itself, the integrity of the website or payment, if an online retailer is worth buying from then they will be more than happy to help.

6. Look at the positives

It is very easy for us to always look out for the negatives when shopping online and although we should be cautious, there are also many positive things to look for.

• Dedicated websites. It is not unusual to find websites that sell just one type of product. This is extremely positive for a consumer as 9 times out of 10 it means that the seller is an expert in what they do, increasing trust levels enormously.

• Use your credit card and rest assured that if anything does go wrong during the sales process, that the majority of credit card issuers will protect your payment and will give you your money back.

• Customer reviews. Good quality websites have real and honest reviews and not just five-star all singing and dancing reviews either. Retailers know that they can’t please all people all the time and so good reviews should show a range of feedback. If reviews are available make sure you read them and learn what real people have experienced with this product and company and not just the sales pitch from the seller!

7. Price promises – golden in finding a bargain.

Now that you have done your research and have shopped around, you will know the cheapest places to buy your product. What you may not know is that many online retailers are happy to price match. This means that if you find the product cheaper else where but are not 100% confident in buying from them or if you simply like the feel of another website, that they will adjust their prices if you can prove it is being sold else where at a more competitive price.

Just ask. If a website does not promote a price promise but you would rather buy from them, then don’t be afraid to ask for a discount or a price match. This is also true if you are buying multiple products; ask for a multi purchase discount. The World wide web is an extremely competitive selling platform and once they have you on their website, online retails will do all they can to convert you into a sale.

So overall, there is no doubt that if you shop around online you can most certainly find a good deal. As with all transactions there are elements that deserve caution, but if you shop sensibly there is a whole world of bargain shopping out there.

Some people are nervous of buying over the internet, especially if the item they are buying is of high value or a large investment to them. They may also like to touch and feel items before they buy. It would be such a shame to pay more than is necessary. Either they can actually visit a physical shop and see the item in real life and then verify that a product is exactly the same before purchasing online. This would also mean that they do not loose the shopping experience. Alternatively, they can take advantage of their customer rights. As with all shop purchases, when buying online customers reserve their statutory rights and are completely within their rights to cancel their order at any time or return their item after purchase if they are not satisfied with their order or if they simply change their mind. If you are unsure about entering your payment details online, many any Internet based stores also offer the opportunity to purchase over the telephone. That way you can talk to the company, verify any questions you may have and achieve the best price at the same time.